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Do You Have A Termite Problem?

termite-causesIn Atlanta, it’s very possible. Termites can go undetected for years before an untrained eye will detect visible signs of termite destruction.

Even as trained professionals, we can only physically inspect roughly 20-30% of a typical structure. That leaves 70-80% of your home inaccessible for visual inspection! Even infrared camera technology has been unsuccessful in identifying and determining areas of active termite infestation.

Since no individual can see inside your walls or underneath floor coverings, your best option is to take preventative termite control measures.

Termite damage is extremely expensive to repair and is rarely covered by your homeowner’s insurance policy. The cost of a termite treatment plan is far less than the cost and inconvenience that you could face in repairs.

Termidor® Termite Treatment

Termidor®, the only liquid termiticide with characteristics of both a baiting system and a traditional liquid residual, kills termites as it is ingested, makes direct contact with termites, and by means of its unique transfer effect. When the pests come into contact with Termidor®, they transfer it from their body onto the other members of their colony. The colony then becomes contaminated and is ultimately eliminated.

Termidor® is America’s #1 termite defense product and one of the most tested termite solutions in history! Before Termidor® was made available, it was subjected to rigorous termite control testing by the USDA Forest Service including 10 years of ground board and concrete slab trials in four states proving Termidor® 100% effective against subterranean termite control.

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Treatment Options for Every Situation

There are multiple options available in the field of termite protection. Each option offers unique features and benefits. Your FIRST CHOICE Professional is highly trained with each and can help provide the best solution for you, and your home or business. 

Providing the advantages of long-term protection, First Choice Pest Control offers the revolutionary ADVANCE Termite Baiting System. Based on the natural behavior of termites, baiting systems are designed to reduce or eliminate the termite’s colony. The ADVANCE baiting system will be installed in the soil around your home and checked regularly for termite activity. When termites are found in a baiting station, the inspection cartridge is replaced with a bait cartridge so termites can begin feeding. As termites feed and travel back to the colony, they share the termite bait and recruit other termites back to feed. This process will ultimately eliminate the termite’s colony and prevent the potential damages they may cause.

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Termite Treatment Cost

The cost of termite treatments and termite control services vary depending upon the size and type of property to be protected from termites. We offer complimentary inspections and free estimates for home termite control in Atlanta, commercial property termite control and other termite related services. We provide property owners and real estate agents with quick response times for termite inspections and termite clearance letters.


Termites Thrive in Georgia


Termite infestations in Atlanta are among the most severe in the United States. Georgia is home to almost every species of termites found in the United States including subterranean termites, drywood termites, and dampwood termites.


Our Termite Control Guarantee

roswell-termites-300x244We’re so confident in our Atlanta termite control services that we guarantee the following:
If you choose First Choice Pest Control to provide a full minimum standards termite treatment on your home and your termite problems aren’t totally resolved within 120 days of your initial termite treatment, we will keep coming back over the next 30 days until they are resolved – AT NO ADDITIONAL CHARGE TO YOU.

*Certain restrictions and qualifications apply. See the terms and conditions of our service agreement for more details. To receive more information, contact our office or ask your  First Choice representative for more details and to find out if your home qualifies. Applies to annual service agreements only. Customer agrees to accept services as set forth in service agreement.

Other Services We Provide

There are other pests which can damage your home that may resemble termites, or exist because of termites. From carpenter bees which chew on wood trim to ants that invade to prey on termites, we offer full pest control services in Lithonia and Atlanta.