Wildlife Control

Atlanta Wildlife Control
Are you struggling, trying to get rid of raccoons? Perhaps you’ve noticed rodent dropping in your kitchen? As suburban areas continue to grow, unwanted animal intrusion into the living environment has increased. First Choice Pest Control & Wildlife Removal has the experience and skills necessary to handle any wildlife animal control situation, whether residential or commercial. We are fully licensed by the Department of Natural Resources and GUARANTEE only the most humane practices in our wildlife control programs. Squirrels · Rats · Mice · Bats · Raccoons · Snakes · Bees · Coyotes · Beavers · Feral Animals · Foxes · Opossums · Skunks · Chipmunks· Snakes Etc…


Most Common Signs of Rodent Infestation:
Wondering why your rat traps aren’t working? Rats are actually equipped to recognize foreign objects or sudden changes in their environment especially bait traps! • Small tiny droppings/pellets found in hidden dark areas, usually wherever there’s food • Strong, musky odors that reek in certain areas of the home • Holes in food boxes/packaging from gnawing and nibbling pests • Gnaw marks found near window frames, baseboards, electrical wires, etc.


Wildlife Prevention Tips:
• Maintain clean, dry, and well ventilated attics and crawlspaces

• Inspect your roof consistently for water damage

• Ensure that your garbage is secure and protected from animals

• Keep the openings near your exhaust fan and vents covered

• Prune tree limbs and avoid unwanted collection of debris

• Store your food in airtight containers

• Weather-strip all windows and your basement including the foundation

First Choice Pest Control & Wildlife Removal will perform a thorough inspection of your home to identify the species of nuisance animal, identify the areas of structural access, and propose a comprehensive plan to rid your property of these unwanted guests. We are your Atlanta Wildlife Removal Company. Contact us today to rid your home of unwanted wildlife and pests!


Wildlife Trapping and Removal
As suburban areas continue to grow, unwanted animal intrusion into the living environment has increased. Don’t let these animals make your home, their home! First Choice Pest Control & Wildlife Removal has the experience and expertise to handle any animal control situation, whether residential or commercial. First Choice Pest Control & Wildlife Removal guarantees only the most humane practices in our wildlife management! During our wildlife control inspection, we: 1. Identify the offending target animal(s). 2. Locate the areas where wildlife is gaining access into the structure. 3. Assess any damages to the structure (i.e. chewed wiring, damaged duct work, and contaminated, flattened insulation). 4. Customize solutions to resolve the current animal problem and prevent future problems.


Wildlife Exclusion Services
Atlanta Wildlife Solutions Wildlife exclusion is a process whereby any gaps or openings that are a quarter inch or wider are sealed to prevent entry. Gaps such as these are most often found along the roofline where there’s an original construction gap, near utility penetrations, and where concrete, brick and/or stone joins siding material. Our professional wildlife control experts seal these and other potential entry points with materials designed and manufactured to exacting specifications especially for First Choice Pest Control. Clean up is the final step in the process. Rodents such as squirrels and rats mark their territory with urine, feces, and body oils. These contaminants and their odors can persist for years, especially when absorbed into your insulation. Aside from the scent attraction, urine and feces from squirrels, rats, bats, raccoons, and opossums can be a serious health risk. Ask about our disinfectant, sanitizer, and treatment options as well our contaminated insulation removal and new insulation installation services.


Squirrel And Rodent Control
Squirrel removal is a common need in metro Atlanta. This is especially true in the fall and winter months when squirrels seek refuge in attics, garages, and out buildings. We can quickly and safely remove squirrels or other rodents from attics, homes, or business offices.

Take Squirrel Problems Seriously!
Squirrels can cause extensive damage to your home and property. Here are just some of the things that these rodents are known to do:

• Chew electrical wiring, which creates a fire hazard.

• Damage and contaminate insulation.

• Bring fleas, ticks, and mites into your house.

• Create rancid odors and stains from urine and fecal matter.

• Carry distemper and Lyme disease.

• Attack if they feel cornered.


Signs of Squirrels in Your Attic

• We specify attics because this is where 95% of all squirrels seek refuge in a home or office. Common signs of a squirrel or pest infestation in your home or attic include:

• Contaminated, damaged, flattened, or displaced insulation in your attic.

• Droppings in attic, or unexplained stains on your ceilings.

• Gnawed or chewed wiring (has your cable, phone, or security system recently failed?)

• Noises overhead such as scampering, running, or banging.


Squirrel Exclusion & Rodent Removal Services
Our trained professionals, licensed by the Georgia Department of Resources, will examine your property to locate the areas where squirrels, rats, or chipmunks are entering your home or office. Not only can we trap squirrels, rats, and other rodents; we can also provide exclusion services to permanently block their return… guaranteed! Notes: I will send you coupons and discounts for wildlife pest control and termite services.